How to determine the approximate time frame for the implementation of a large project?

To begin with, I propose to refer to the very definition of the project and hindi to english translation app. Any project is an activity carried out on the basis of a predetermined plan, which includes the deadline for completing the work, the budget allocated for its implementation and, of course, uniqueness. Any successful project must have its own unique characteristics, this is what distinguishes the project from production. The driving force of any project is a specific goal, on the implementation of which the success depends.

It should be noted that any large project carries with it many risks, for example, lack of time for a high-quality completion of the translation. Therefore, before proceeding directly to the translation, it is worth discussing with the customer reasonable conditions that are beneficial for both parties.

First of all, it is necessary to discuss the terms of translation, taking into account the editing process. Since high-quality editing of the finished translation text may require a lot of effort and time, and even the estimated time reserve set by the customer may not be enough. Also, do not forget that when determining the timing of the translation, you need to take into account the individual style of the translator, his ability to work quickly and efficiently.

In order to avoid misunderstandings and misunderstandings between the translator and the client of the translation, it is necessary to clarify in which mode the translation should be performed: urgent or non-urgent. The timing, in turn, depends on the amount of work, the complexity of the original text and the need for layout. In urgent mode, as a rule, translation of small texts is performed. As for the non-urgent mode of translating voluminous texts, here you need to focus directly on the volume and requirements of the customer.

If the volume of the document is 1 page, containing approximately 1800 characters, including spaces and punctuation marks, then the translation is performed within 1-2 days (depending on the language).

If the volume of the document is 2-5 pages, then the translation is carried out within 3-5 days (depending on the language).

If the volume of the document exceeds 5 pages, then the term is discussed with the customer, based on the volume of execution – from 3 to 5 pages per day.

In addition, the customer and the contractor need to discuss the time reserve provided to the translator, for example, for notarization of the translator’s signature.