Modern China

China is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, the largest country in terms of population and the world leader in terms of economic growth. In many ways, the rapid growth of the Chinese economy is due to the cult of success in Chinese society. Chinese society is extremely competitive, just think, the competition for a Chinese university can reach over 200 people per place.

From childhood, the Chinese are accustomed to work and translate english to chinese, education is of great importance. Schoolchildren of the Celestial Empire live under the slogan “We study while we are alive, and we will study until we die.” Children go to school at the age of 6, but long before that, parents try to give as much knowledge as possible to their young children, special attention is paid to learning foreign languages, especially English. Studying foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčevery day leads to the fact that by the 5th-6th grade, most students are already fluent in their chosen foreign language. Junior school lasts 6 years, middle school 3 years. During this period, education is compulsory and free; further education will have to be paid for by parents. At the same time, elementary, middle and high schools are different institutions and have different names. After each stage, it is necessary to pass exams, just like that, children are not transferred further. The academic year consists of 2 semesters, but even on holidays in China it is not customary to rest, a large number of homework and the study of additional material is what gives young Chinese a competitive advantage in the future. Classes are very large – about 50 people, each student has to find a laoshi (Chinese teacher) approach. Discipline in schools is iron, the behavior of students is strictly controlled, there is absolutely no time for idleness, inevitable punishment awaits negligent students for an unfulfilled task, it often happens that physical. Each Chinese school has its own uniform, often it is a tracksuit and this is no accident. Every morning, schoolchildren start with exercises and warm up more than once during the day, because the physical development of children is given no less attention than the intellectual one.

In many ways, the high quality of education in modern China has led to the fact that the time of cheap production due to inexpensive labor and the import of foreign technology is coming to an end. Today, the Chinese have considerable knowledge and skills to create state-of-the-art technology and translate english to chinese. Chinese smartphones compete with American and European brands. Technological power plants, including wind turbines, are appearing everywhere in the country, new industries are opening, roads are being built to the most remote places, new cities are emerging, megacities are growing and skyscrapers are rising. At the same time, China, unfortunately, has the highest level of pollution on the planet.

The Chinese are perhaps the champions in introducing new technologies to life. For example, cash has long lost its relevance in this country, the Wechat and ZhiFuBao mobile applications allow you to pay for services, goods, and even travel in public transport at the touch of a button on your smartphone, most often by scanning a barcode.

Transport of the Middle Kingdom deserves special attention. The population density of China is so high that if every person travels by car, it will not be possible to travel on the roads, and in order to buy a car, on average, you will have to wait in line from a year to 3-5 years. This is partly why scooters are so popular, and the government is pushing public transport with all its might. The network of high-speed trains, which consisted of two branches ten years ago, should reach 38,000 km by 2025. These trains reach speeds of up to 350 km/h, while inside the train this is not felt at all and you can safely drink coffee in comfortable conditions on the way to almost anywhere in the country.

In public transport – metro and buses, all types of trips are safe and comfortable. Be sure to have air conditioning, the fare is not high and often depends on the distance of the trip. Bicycle rental is a relatively new type of service that the Chinese are happy to use. It is very cheap to rent a bike, and you can take a bike anywhere in the city, however, you can leave it everywhere.

Closed from the outside world for many years, China has changed in a matter of decades and has grown from an agrarian society into a global manufacturer, conquering more and more new market segments. However, it can be said that in China, the latest technologies and Western trends are combined with elements of ancient culture, respect for their own traditions and ancestors.