Ranked the best mobile translation apps

Mobile technologies do not cease to delight users with new opportunities for convenient and fast translation hebrew to english. Translation applications are useful not only for tourists who go abroad with zero knowledge of the language, but also for polyglots who from time to time encounter phraseological units, jargon and dialectisms unknown to them. And what is especially pleasant is that mobile application developers do not stop there and continue to improve their already good creations.

In August 2016, Yahoo published a ranking of the best mobile translation apps on its website. When compiling the rating, the popularity of the application among users, the number of supported languages, the ability to work online and offline, and the availability of additional functions were taken into account. Yahoo ranked the apps as follows:

iTranslate. The brainchild of Apple beats all records in terms of the number of downloads – about fifty million. Mobile translator and dictionary support more than ninety languages. In addition to the translation itself, iTranslate allows you to listen to the pronunciation of words and phrases in male or female voices. The dictionary contains synonyms and different meanings of the requested words. In the paid version, you can translate offline and in voice mode. By the way, you can install the application not only on the iPhone, but also on smartphones based on Android and Windows.
Google translate. The application supports 103 languages ​​in print, 52 languages ​​are available offline. In addition, it is possible to translate high-quality pictures from the camera from 37 languages. Moreover, the application can be downloaded for free.
Easy Language Translator. The name of the application speaks for itself – it is really simple and convenient. Occupying only 3 megabytes on your phone, Easy Language Translator will translate text or voice messages from Hindi, Italian, Malay, German, Lao and 74 more languages. The application is free, its only drawback is the inability to work without an Internet connection.
iHandy. The creators of the application were clearly guided by the principle of “quality over quantity”. The translator works with 52 languages, has a user-friendly interface, and can translate single words as well as entire phrases and expressions. A simple and high-quality application can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store.
IHG translator. Created by Intercontinental Hotels Group, this handy travel app includes 2,000 conversational phrases in 12 languages, a voice translator and a 10,000-word offline dictionary. In addition, there is a tip calculator, a currency converter and a couple of other useful features for the traveler.
Yahoo does not claim to be indisputable in its rating and encourages users to submit their own versions of translation applications that deserve to be in the top five. There are no comments under the rating. Apparently, the rating really reflects the popularity of the listed mobile applications among users.

As for the criticisms about the quality of translation through applications and the frequent “blunders” that are allowed in them, do not forget that such services were originally conceived only as assistants in a foreign language space, and not at all as a full-fledged replacement for professional translators. If you need a full-fledged high-quality translation, there is no doubt that you need to turn not to mobile applications, but to competent interpreters and translators.